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Our Service

Company Policy

  • Customer service has priority
  • Requirements defined by the customer
  • Top quality service provided by the engineers
  • Appropriate products with transparent pricing
  • Market comparable costs and services
  • Co-ordination of all services required (including the purchase of bought-in supplies and services)

Technical Service

  • Installation and assembly
  • Inspection (control)
  • Maintenance
  • Reconditioning (replacement of wearing parts)
  • Repairs (including assembly)
  • Upgrading (increase in output and efficiency)

Technical Service for Cup Filling and Closing Machines for the Dairy Industry:

Technical service on rotary and inline machines for the filling of liquid and pasty yoghurt and dessert products, margarine and drinks, in pre-formed cups and bottles.

Installation and commissioning
Installation and connection to the process and CIP equipment, commissioning and testing before final reception and production.

Assessment of the actual state of technical equipment, machines and installations.

Maintenance of the required state of technical equipment, machines and installations.

The efficiency of the complete installation as reference point for the efficiency, reliability and quality of the production line.

Analysis of weak points and continuous improvement.

Quality of services offered

  • Experience (competence, enterprise, cost awareness)
  • Agreements respected
  • High quality results
  • Specialised competence
  • Reliability
  • Orders processed and delivered on time
  • Qualified specialist support
  • Personal engagement
  • Guidance and advice to the customer
  • Availability
  • Assistance with problem solving
  • Quick connection to the corresponding contact person
  • New and creative solutions